Relevance Makes a Comeback!

Precision targeting that scales – whether devices have IDs or not.

Relevance Makes a Comeback!

Precision targeting that scales – whether devices have IDs or not.

Durable Audience Solutions for the New Ad World.

Effective audience targeting used to require device identifiers and scads of data. Not anymore. Emodo’s AI and predictive technologies enable audience targeting that’s privacy-friendly and identity-independent…without compromising reach or quality.

Activate Emodo Audiences in combination with Emodo Supply.

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Emodo Signature Audiences

In today’s disrupted ad environment, the old targeting techniques simply don’t work like they used to. Creativity, scale and accuracy are crucial for reaching the right consumers with the right message and impact.

Emodo is known for its durable audience models and exceptional audience accuracy. With hundreds of pre-defined audiences and countless customizable segments, marketers can shape uniquely impactful strategies for these uniquely challenging times. Here are a few examples:

Identity Crisis Averted.

The deprecation of Ad IDs reduces the quality and scale of other audience solutions, but not ours. Emodo uses operator data to verify which devices truly belong in the targeted segment.

For devices without ID’s, Emodo Audiences include special segments shaped by proprietary predictive models – also trained for accuracy by the industry’s most accurate data sets, including data from mobile networks.

Get Even More From Mobile Campaigns.

Verified Audiences
+ Verified Inventory

Advertisers can buy Emodo Audiences when they buy Emodo inventory. Emodo Supply uses operator data to identify and eliminate inaccurate inventory, pre-bid. Emodo inventory spans a variety of compelling media and formats.

Emodo Supply

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Access Emodo inventory however you buy – through leading DSPs or as a managed service. In the UK, all Emodo solutions are available from Mobsta, the UK’s foremost experts in leveraging location data to engage audiences.

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