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The Emodo Institute helps marketers make better-informed campaign decisions and achieve better results. The Institute conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches specialized courses to help media buyers, sellers, and solution providers stay ahead and think forward. The Emodo Institute is wholly focused on the research, education and resolution of the mobile data concerns that challenge business and marketing effectiveness.

Recently Published by The Emodo Institute


by Jake Moskowitz

AdExchanger: Is 5G On a Collision Course with Privacy?


by Jake Moskowitz

AdExchanger: 5G Will Reshape Advertising Data


by Alistair Goodman

Forbes: 5G For Business: Beyond The Phone And Carrier Plan

I have to say out of all of the webinars I’ve been attending lately, Emodo has put on some of the most professional & prepared presentations with actual interesting takeaways . . . The Emodo Institute is knowledgeable on important topics–it’s a great breath of fresh air to listen to/watch!

-Sr. Manager, 360i

Insightful Courses for Forward-Thinking Teams

A Roadmap to the Future of Data

In this free course, you and your team will:

  • Learn about new factors that will impact data quality, availability and models

  • Understand how advertising data will be reshaped by technology and regulation

  • Develop key strategies for turning these changes into competitive advantages

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The Impact of 5G on Advertising

In this free course, you and your team will:

  • Learn about how 5G is a far more profound change than just being “another G”

  • Understand the many ways 5G will impact mobile advertising

  • Develop specific near-term plans to make your organization 5G ready now

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How AI Algorithms Think

In this free course, you and your team will:

  • Learn what AI really means and the AI essentials every marketer should know

  • Understand how training an algorithm is like training a dog – good dog or bad dog?

  • Develop a simple method for vetting vendor claims about AI

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Three Learning Formats

On-Site Learning

On-site classes taught in-person at your facility by an Emodo Institute instructor, customized for your team.

Online Learning

Live and on-demand online courses that allow for a more flexible learning experience for distributed teams.

Podium Series

Emodo Institute members speak on emerging trends and research at industry events around the world.