Ad Inventory With a Distinct Advantage

Emodo Supply is different than any other inventory source, because it’s powered by Operator Intelligence. That’s kind of a big deal if you’re serious about accuracy, performance and waste reduction.

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Better Performance
Powered by Operator Intelligence

Emodo Supply is meticulously verified against the largest, most accurate dataset available–mobile operator data. Operator data is 10x more persistent than SDK/GPS data. We’ve basically inserted a quality-assurance checkpoint, pre-bid, so you don’t end up buying black-box junk.

A Full Array of Options

Emodo provides high-performance inventory in the formats and contexts that matter most for reaching today’s restricted consumers. Maximize reach, optimize to specific KPIs, target distinct audiences with differentiated messages…all with unmatched accuracy.

A Trio of Screens

Campaign success requires strategies designed for today’s tricky conditions. Mobile is essential (In-app & mobile web), desktop and connected TV are reaching home-bound audiences in record numbers. Emodo inventory spans every screen, so you can sync with the altered lifestyles of your target customers.

The Gamut of Formats

Drive home-bound audiences back to their favorite store with Emodo Supply. Use programmatic audio and mobile display to connect with consumers as they venture out. Reach the growing, engaged mobile video audience. Target households via video, based on the mobile behaviors of viewers.

A Better Approach

About half of the data that runs through the bidstream is inaccurate. That means lots of campaigns are flat-out missing the mark. We fix that. Emodo Supply is verified by mobile operator Three. Our proprietary performance algorithms identify the best performing inventory pre-buy – and they deliver in spades.

Wait. Performance Algorithms?

Powering high-performing inventory with predictive modeling would take a massive data set with unassailable accuracy. Bingo. That’s what we do. That’s the power of Operator Intelligence.

Now, Consider Emodo

While other inventory providers duke it out for sameness, Emodo delivers inventory and audience solutions that simply aren’t available from any other company. Want to know more about Emodo’s signature audiences?

Emodo Audiences

Get Going
With Emodo

Access Emodo inventory however you buy – through leading DSPs or as a managed service. In the UK, all Emodo solutions are available from Mobsta, the UK’s foremost experts in leveraging location data to engage audiences.

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