Marketing is overflowing with data. It informs and guides nearly every decision we make as marketers. AI, and, more specifically, machine learning, can help. But, ultimately, we are just people trying to create meaningful connections with other people who are making purchasing decisions based on very human factors.

 Just like a copilot, AI assists but is not in command. You are. In episode 1 of season 2 of Emodo’s FIVE podcast, Everybody Gets a Copilot, Jake Moskowitz and his guests explain how AI assists and elevates the thinking and roles of marketers.

Hear from Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group; Rishad Tobaccowala, author and senior advisor to the Publicis Groupe; and Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at agency VMLY&R.

Jake and his distinguished guests explore how AI fits into the marketing org chart and address timely questions. When is the machine your partner, as opposed to the tool you’re using to accomplish your goal? What happens when machine learning replaces the chain of human roles — and training — in a marketing creative department? What are the biggest gaps to implement AI in marketing?

Explore the human-AI connection with them.

Episode Notes

Host Jake Moskowitz and his guests explore the human side of AI in this first episode of the new AI series. Shelly Palmer shares some common, compelling examples of machine learning, muses about how to be an “AI co-worker” and offers some sharp advice to marketers on how to vet the AI claims of vendors. Rishad Tobaccowala cautions about AI as a buzzword and describes the three turds on the table (a reference to one of the chapters in his book): Ignorance, fear and science fiction. Michael Stich returns in the new season to talk about AI as the marketer’s co-pilot and how viewing the AI-powered future through that lens can help marketers see AI in a different light. Jake and Jeremy Lockhorn talk about the movies that have shaped our perceptions of AI and weigh the accuracy of Hollywood’s depictions. 

And, of course, Jake hits the FIVE List.

The FIVE List: The human side of the AI discussion

  • Marketing is about ideas, the domains of people. 
  • Marketing’s job is to connect with people.
  • Scale and complexity are so great, marketers need help (from AI). 
  • People make purchase decisions based on very human factors.
  • Algorithms are programmed by people. 

Jake’s guests:

Rishad Tobaccowala, Author, speaker and Senior Advisor to the Publicis Groupe.

Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group, columnist at AdWeek and regular commentator on CNN and CNBC.  

Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer, VMLY&R, frequent speaker and writer on a variety of digital marketing topics.

Jeremy Lockhorn, Global Head of Partner Solutions at Ericsson Emodo, speaker, mobile marketing expert.

In this episode, Rishad Tabaccowala references his book: Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data and Shelly Palmer references free weekly courses and gatherings offered by The Palmer Group.

The Five podcast is presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute, and features original music by Dyaphonic and The Small Town Symphonette. This episode was edited by Justin Newton and produced by Robert Haskitt, Liz Wynnemer and Jake Moskowitz.