Marketers are currently evaluating how to effectively target and measure digital advertising at scale while adjusting for a whole bunch of ad industry shifts. And, how to do that with the same efficiency we’ve all gotten used to.

In this episode, show host Jake Moskowitz talks with Todd Touesnard, EVP of Product and Data Science at Ericsson Emodo, about a number of AI-related topics, including potential applications of machine learning for targeting advertising audiences without device IDs.

Jake’s FIVE list:

Five ways AI can help the ad industry adjust for the changes to Identity:

  1. Make up for lost scale
  2. Make wiser decisions in the face of rising costs for ID-based inventory
  3. Make contextual targeting more flexible by incorporating a wider definition of context
  4. Allow marketers to focus on data quality rather than quantity
  5. Be more privacy compliant

Jake and Jeremy Lockhorn meet up again to explore some really interesting ways to experience AI personally. They share four browser-based applications that are free, easy to access and easy to use. And, they’re really fun.

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